Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Quotes in Sport

Sport is similar to war in the emotions of moral and hope and just the same as war a great leader can make all the difference. People have so much potential and will hardly ever work at their optimum. We can see this in sport when great athletes have an off day and the difference is huge or when everything just seems to be going their way. The range of ability from great to bad one person can posses is massive and this is where a great leader comes in. A great leader can get the best out of each of their players and run the team much closer to their potential. They can also get the team working together optimally to get the best out of the team as a whole, a few star players can't make up for a lack of proper teamwork.

Military Quotes In War

Military quotes in war have as much of an effect on a countries change of winning as their military strength, maybe going a bit too far? well it is a huge factor at least. Moral in war time is critical to success and becomes even more critical as time goes on. At the start people are naturally rallied and behind there troops and unless the war was widely opposed to start with the will be pro war and pro military. This does not last and as people feel the strain of wartime in their daily lives and the news is filled with death day after day after day the moral of the country deteriorates. When this happen you risk losing the war from within, people will start to oppose the war and the people in charge will be toppled or voted out. Enlistment will drop and soldiers fighting moral will be decimated knowing the people back home are not behind them. This can and has lost wars. World war II Britain showed how the strength of a good leader could rally the people and strengthen their moral even over an extended conflict with high death tolls and the enemy at the doorstep. Winston Churchill's  quotes have become world famous for the strength they carry and the effect they had on the people of Britain to inspire a nation to fight till the end.

"We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender."
Military Quotes

This perhaps one of Churchill's most well known and well loved quotes and still today can give goosebumps.
The effect quotes like this can have on a people in wartime should not be underestimated and people are emotional and run on emotions, moral is the fuel that keeps people running in tough time and when moral and hope fade there is no victory to be had.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

What makes a great leader

What makes a great leader

A great leader is someone who not only can get all the people on side but also someone who knows where to take them. Many leaders throughout time have had one of these traits but it has not been enough. It does not mater if you can inspire the people with great leadership quotes if you do not know what to do with their loyalty and have no goals for them to strive for. It is also not much good if you have great vision of what the people should do if you can not get them on side. So a great leader must posses both these traits in some form.
Inspiring the people to follow you is often down with rousing speeches and leadership quotes which show people you have vision and are looking out for their best interests. This can be particularly difficult if the people are divided so it will take a great leader to join the people under him. Many leaders do this by tricking the people into believing they are on their side with leadership quotes which seem to be aimed at everyone but really say nothing at all. This is a short term approach and will result in unhappiness and anger when you actions do not end up being on the side of your supporters. The real leadership skill is convincing the people that your vision is right for them even if they don’t agree with it at first. This is where having a good vision to begin with is crucial. It is no good convincing the people that your vision will be good for them if it turns out that it wont so a great leader must be able to motivate the people towards a vision that benefits them.
Maybe the key to this problem in not requiring so much from our leaders in the first place and looking for the best speaker and best visionary in different people, why does a leadership have to be one man, why cant a team be leader. This is how it is done already much of the time but why cant we be more open about it instead of putting all our focus, support or hatred on just the mouthpiece.
It takes a team to run anything well so a leadership should be made of a team. The more traits we desire of just one person the more chance we have of being disappointed and the less chance we have of finding that person. The chance of finding these great leaders who have it all is so rare, we are lucky to have them once in a generation so to base our lives on the requirement of having one is fundamentally flawed.